Rory Claasen

Photographer when I can, Programmer always

Hey, I'm Rory

Photographer when I can, Programmer always

I currently work for Xbox Game Studios as Software Engineer through the Microsoft Apprenticeship scheme. Studying for a Level 4 Software Development Technician qualification.

Gaming has always caught my eye and I started learning to program in Action Script making flash games, I then went on to Java for where I took a passion in Minecraft modding. Since then I have broadened my skillset and now I build C#/C++ services and librarys for games for Xbox and PC. I also build JavaScript/TypeScript apps for Web, Node.js, React and Angular.
Source code for some of my projects is available on my GitHub profile.

Things I've Done

Vcsparser Extensions for SonarQube

Plugin for SonarQube to add and process addition vcsparser related metrics.

Chaos Game

My visualization of the Chaos Game written in JavaScript using p5.

Lissajous Curve Table

My attempt at a Lissajous Curve Table written in JavaScript using p5.

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