Rory Claasen

Photographer when I can, Programmer always


A game I made that was inspired by a maths class from school. The game has to have two players, however they can be on the same pc or on different ones.

Single Player

If you pass the argument -undo at start by calling java -jar TicTacAdvanced.jar -undo an undo button will be available. It will only work for one go only.


You will need to enter a username before you can join or create a server. When you create a server it will be on your local machine and there for only those in your local area network can connect to it. On the other hand if you use Hamachi others can connect to you by using your ipv4 address. When you click join server, the game will look for a server on localhost ( but you can change ip by clicking change IP and enter one in manually. Also there is an option to search for a game, the game will only look on your local area network for a game and will connect to it as soon as it can.


There are some know bugs currently. To have a look at them head over to GitHub