Xbox Dev Kit at Home

November 29, 2020#Xbox#Windows


Recently I was experiencing an issue when attempting to deploy and run a development game at home on my Xbox Development Kit.

Deploying the packaged build to the kit would work flawlessly, however this was taking ~20 minutes and was really slowing down my productivity. When attempting to then use the ‘Run from PC’ deploy method I would receive this error.

Registering network share 'd:\scratch\{PATH REDACTED}\Image\Loose' with ''.

Network registration failed: 0x8D160184
0x8D160184 - The specified folder was not found for registration.
             This could be due to DNS issues or an incorrect path.
             Please verify the path is valid and accessible to the console.

After confirming that the path did in fact exist as well as making sure I could still connect to the console, I approached and colleague and was put in contact with the games studio who gave some possible solutions.


Solution A

The problem could have been caused by the windows firewall blocking the inbound connection.

If this was the case, the solution would be to first remove any rules that were blocking the inbound network connection of ‘Xbox transfer link service’. Then run the command:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Xbox Transport Link Service (inbound)" dir=in action=allow protocol=tcp localport=4201

Doing this unfortunately did not solve my issue.

Solution B

If ensuring connections from the development kit weren’t being blocked, then it is likely that the console is having trouble resolving the connection itself.

To solve this I was required to run various commands from the XDK

  1. Run a program to ensure that I am connected to the console
  2. Then run a program to update the hosts file on the console

    REDACTED.exe add @auto @auto

    Unfortunately when I ran this I received an error saying that it didn’t understand the parameter @auto. I was able to resolve this problem by supplementing my full computer name followed then the local ip address of the computer.

  3. Check the hosts file to display all the manual mappings that the development kit knows about

    REDACTED.exe list

What now makes sense is that my development kit was having trouble talking to my domain joined Windows PC while off the domain.