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Colors.css provides the colors that GitHub uses to represent different programming languages in their “Languages” tab on each repository. This project allows you to uses these colors in your webpages, to view them click here


Download the file colors.min.css and link it with your project. Also available are sass and less files to use with your projects.

Install it yourself

Clone or download this repository, then in the project folder run the command

$ npm install



$ gh-color

  Usage: gh-color [options]

  GitHub colour codes for web development


    -V, --version  output the version number
    -l, --less     Builds Less source file
    -s, --scss     Builds Sass source file
    -c, --css      Builds css source file
    -a, --all      Builds all source files
    -h, --help     output usage information

Building yourself

$ npm run build

Contained inside the dist folder are the updated stylesheets. (This will also update the readme)


<link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/colors.min.css" />

To use as background color use prefix


To use as color use prefix



Name Changes

LanguageCss Identifier
1C EnterpriseOneC-Enterprise


1C Enterprise ABAP AGS Script AMPL ANTLR API Blueprint APL ASP ATS ActionScript Ada Agda Alloy AngelScript AppleScript Arc AspectJ Assembly Asymptote AutoHotkey AutoIt Ballerina Batchfile BlitzMax Boo Brainfuck C C# C++ CSS Ceylon Chapel Cirru Clarion Clean Click Clojure CoffeeScript ColdFusion Common Lisp Common Workflow Language Component Pascal Crystal Cuda D DM Dart DataWeave Dockerfile Dogescript Dylan E ECL EQ Eiffel Elixir Elm Emacs Lisp EmberScript Erlang F# ![F]( FLUX Factor Fancy Fantom Forth Fortran FreeMarker Frege GDScript Game Maker Language Genie Gherkin Glyph Gnuplot Go Golo Gosu Grammatical Framework Groovy HTML Hack Harbour Haskell Haxe HiveQL Hy IDL Idris Io Ioke Isabelle J JSONiq Java JavaScript Jolie Jsonnet Julia Jupyter Notebook KRL Kotlin LFE LLVM LOLCODE LSL Lasso Lex LiveScript LookML Lua MATLAB MAXScript MQL4 MQL5 MTML Makefile Mask Max Mercury Meson Metal Mirah Modula-3 NCL Nearley Nemerle NetLinx NetLinx+ERB NetLogo NewLisp Nextflow Nim Nit Nix Nu OCaml Objective-C Objective-C++ Objective-J Omgrofl Opal Oxygene Oz P4 PHP PLSQL Pan Papyrus Parrot Pascal Pawn Pep8 Perl Perl 6 PigLatin Pike PogoScript PostScript PowerBuilder PowerShell Processing Prolog Propeller Spin Puppet PureBasic PureScript Python QML Quake R RAML RUNOFF Racket Ragel Rascal Rebol Red Ren'Py Ring Roff Rouge Ruby Rust SAS SQF SRecode Template SaltStack Scala Scheme Self Shell Shen Slash Slice Smalltalk Solidity SourcePawn Squirrel Stan Standard ML SuperCollider Swift SystemVerilog TI Program Tcl TeX Terra Turing TypeScript UnrealScript VCL VHDL Vala Verilog Vim script Visual Basic Volt Vue WebAssembly X10 XC XQuery XSLT YARA YASnippet Yacc Zephir Zig eC mcfunction nesC ooc q sed wdl wisp xBase